let’s reclaim our embodied wholeness and wellbeing through

conversations and practices for healing and liberation


Welcome, I'm so happy you're here.

I'm Lilia, feminist health consultant and trainer.

I work with humans who are doing radical healing work on the path to body liberation,

seeking to (and help others) become fiercely embodied,

to reclaim their wholeness and a full, unbridled life. 



"When awareness and embodiment entwine, the body turns from a prison to a question – a question of spirit, of love and of meaning."

Mark Walsh

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Join me for conversations and practices for healing and liberation,

we will together cultivate being fiercely embodied.

This is also a soft landing place if you are a health provider

navigating the challenges of advocating bravely for body liberation and embodiment,

countering performative health,

and honoring boundaries

that allow for your OWN self-care and

replenishing empathy and compassion.


I am passionate about creating a world where all humans can access radically kind and compassionate care,

as well as supporting health providers on their own journey.

Let’s do the un-learning, learning and healing work required to counter performative health.

Let’s engage in conversations and practices for healing and liberation in radical presence.

I write about this and more, and also love sharing book recommendations and musings about my own embodiment journey.

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