Help your patients and clients reclaim their embodied wholeness and wellbeing and cultivate freedom from performative health.

I'm here to walk the path with you.

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Welcome, I'm so happy you're here.

I'm Lilia, inclusive health consultant and trainer.

I work with health and wellness providers who are doing radical healing work on the path to body liberation,

seeking to help their patients and clients become fiercely embodied,

to reclaim their wholeness and a full, unbridled life. 



"When awareness and embodiment entwine, the body turns from a prison to a question – a question of spirit, of love and of meaning."

Mark Walsh

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To live our whole, full, unbridled life is to flourish in connection with self and others, rooted in our truth and innate wisdom and trust.

It is to realize that we are already whole and from that wholeness engaging fully in life. 

What gets in the way is the dis-embodiment that oppresses, dehumanizes, disempowers, alienates and disconnects us. The dis-embodiment from a culture and socialization that has us performing instead of being, instead of living. the dis-embodiment that comes from performative health. 

We counter dis-embodiment by practicing fierce embodiment, reconnecting to ourselves and others and becoming warriors for body liberation.

We do this through mind-body and relational healing, through attuned self-care and through cultivation of radical presence and compassion. 

I call my approach to consulting and activism Fiercely Embodied. 

Let’s do this work together so your clients and patients

can reclaim their wholeness

and their full, unbridled life.


I am passionate about creating a world where all humans can access radically kind and compassionate care,

and this means supporting health providers on their own journey.

I support providers in doing the un-learning, learning and healing work required to counter the dark forces of performative health, among other oppressive discourses, so that we can create a culture of body justice and liberation. 

I write about this and more, and also love sharing book recommendations and musings about my own embodiment journey.

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