Ethical Statement

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I am deeply and unwaveringly committed to ethical behavior and, above all, doing no harm. I will truthfully represent my training, skills and level of expertise, as well as my limitations. I continually evaluate, maintain, and seek to improve my competencies, as well as my emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. I am responsible for recognizing my personal and professional needs and utilizing ongoing self-evaluation, peer support, consultation, supervision, continuing education, and/or personal therapy. I will keep clear, healthy and kind boundaries for both me and our relationship.

My guiding values are radical presence, non-violence, respect, integrity, truth, justice, fierce kindness and compassion.

I try to be as open, honest, and vulnerable as possible and to help others do the same. Everything I do honors the principle that all bodies are worthy and deserving of dignity and care, and I will always advocate for body affirmation and body liberation. I actively question practices in my community that appear harmful to patients/clients or providers.

I will not treat you or your body as a problem to be fixed or as an improvement project, nor will I contribute in any way to the suffering, trauma, oppression and stigma created by diet culture, healthism, or ableism. At the same time, I understand that you might still desire to lose weight, achieve a certain body shape or 'fix' your body in some way. This is a common response to living in a world that is far from kind to bodies that are non-conforming to the ideal. I also understand that our culture has created a very narrow definition of health, which it equates with worthiness and happiness, at the same time perpetuating the myth that health is an individual choice. This is a safe and brave space to explore your ambivalence and be supported in finding ways to reclaim body respect and body trust. If you are suffering from body dysphoria related to gender, I will support you through life affirming transformations.

I offer services in both Spanish and English, and welcome humans of all sizes, abilities, gender identities, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities and religions. I hold an awareness of myself as a cultural being with biases, stereotypes and assumptions, and will continually work to acknowledge and check my privileges and prejudices, as well as to understand and be sensitive to how issues pertaining to gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, age, class and ability have an impact on your lived experience. I will examine oppressive aspects of my value systems, and will be curious about yours.

In my work with you, I wish to create a space for healing, liberation, fulfillment and joy in your life. If you resonate with how I work in heart, mind and body, I will be honored to support you on your journey. However, if you feel like you are “settling” or “putting up with” a situation or space that does not feel true to who you are, from fear or scarcity, I do not wish to be part of creating this experience for you. 

May you be well, happy and at ease,

May you come home to your body,

May you be able to find and honor your truth and your path to healing.


may we all become free from anxiety and fear in our mindbodies,

may we all be safe, 

may we all find ease and joy in our mindbodies,

may we all wholly nourish this precious human bodymind,

may we all be able to gift ourselves and each other radical presence and acceptance,

may we all rise rooted in loving kindness and compassion,

may we all come into being fiercely embodied,

may we all reclaim our wholeness and our full, unbridled life,

may all our hearts be open and brave as we walk the path of awakening and liberation.


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