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Webinar: Why Mindful Eating Needs to Promote Weight/Size Inclusivity

Too often mindful eating is framed within the weight centric paradigm, as a strategy to help people manage their weight, to fix their bodies and make them conform to the normative idea of health. Thus, both in clinical practice and in research, what is in essence a practice for liberation is being co-opted by oppressive paradigms andstructures. 

During this webinar, hosted by The Center for Mindful Eating, we will review the ethical implications of focusing on a person's weight / body size as an outcome or proxy, as well as the importance of checking our own internalized biases. We will talk about the importance of practicing and teaching mindful eating rooted in a weight inclusive paradigm, advocating for social justice and seeking to disrupt weight stigma, honoring the ethics of mindfulness. We will do so from a compassionate stance, realizing that we have all been socialized in a culture that privileges certain discourses and bodies and marginalizes others and exploring ways to dismantle oppression and advocate for body liberation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Create awareness around the ethical implications of a focus on weight vs. a weight inclusive stance;

  2. Examine internalized bias regarding using weight as an outcome and/or proxy for health;

  3. Discover ways of advocating for body liberation and social justice grounded in mindfulness and compassion.

Tuesday, October 9th, 4 PM CST / 5 PM EST, (time zone converter)

Target audience: health and wellbeing providers.

Free and open to all (TCME is accepting donations).