heartful wisdom sessions (“pick my brain”)


Do you wish you could pick my brain and heart to get clarity, stimulating conversation, insight, resources curated just for you, perspective or advice?

Or maybe get my loving and supportive presence for heartache, as you move through a difficult loss, transition or challenge?

Perhaps you're interested in mentoring for an issue you’re grappling with, personally or professionally, or a session in which you simply allow the position in which your body finds ease, while I guide you through a meditation and/or guided imagery.

This is also a wonderful way to find out if we’re a good fit to continue working together.

For 50 minutes, I’m all yours

to talk, create, brainstorm, or

simply be in radical presence.

To tap into heartful wisdom together.

Whatever will nourish your mind, body, heart and spirit.

Let’s engage in conversation and practice for healing and liberation.


The focus of our time together can be anything related to:

  • Trauma and its imprints on your mindbody and relationships

  • Grief

  • Navigating the challenges of being a health provider

  • Kind and life-sustaining boundaries

  • Dilemmas and transitions

  • Secular spirituality

  • Mindfulness and compassion based practices

  • Professional mentoring (if you help people heal their relationship with food and body and/or a history of trauma)

  • Perspectives around healthcare / opportunities for professional development and training

  • Radical nourishment and self care

  • Making peace with food and body

  • Finding ease, joy and wholeness in the presence of chronic pain and/or illness

  • Living with neurodivergence, giftedness and high sensitivity in a neuronorm world

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Stress and relaxation response

  • Mind-body practices

  • Embodiment

  • Living as a child-free woman

This is not an ongoing consulting relationship. If you want my insight, experience, and heartful wisdom, but don’t want to engage in an ongoing consulting relationship / 4-month program with me at the moment (or you are still on the fence), these stand-alone sessions are for you. I offer experience, resources, insight, perspective, clarifying questions, mentoring, meditation instruction, guided meditation practice, and know-how.

We can do it on the phone or Zoom, or if you’re in Mexico City, we can do it in person over a cup of tea.



My fee for one 50 minute session is $190. On occasion I have slots available for 90 minute sessions (with a fee of $350).

You may be wondering if I offer complimentary sessions to explore working with me, as many consultants or coaches do. I don't. Here's why:

I want to show up fully and authentically for you, in genuine radical presence and generosity, and

I deeply value my time and what I have to offer - which is why I do the work I do.

Having a complimentary session in which I have a vested interest in you becoming my consulting client precludes showing up this way, because there is inevitably a pull to sell, to convince or to please. This exchange is fraught with a need (however subtle) to either withhold something from you (that you would get when paying for my services) or to over-give (so as to prove how valuable this service is/can be). I am not able to truly show up for you and at the same time actively do a sales pitch for a future service.

Showing up for you, truly listening and holding space involves significant emotional labor. Also, this work sustains me financially. I want to contribute to a world in which the emotional labor of women is fairly compensated.

Honesty, authenticity and radical presence are non-negotiable for me. So we can get together for 50 minutes, with a low-risk financial transaction for you and fair compensation for me.

You get my full attention for whatever it is you need, with no sales pitch whatsoever.

If you like working with me, and we both find that we're a good fit, you may or may not choose to schedule further Heartful Wisdom sessions or commit to an ongoing consulting relationship / 4-month or more program. And if you decide further work with me is not what you need or want at this time, you’ll leave the session with curated resources just for you and most likely an amazing referral.

Questions? Contact me.

Equity Pricing & Pay It Forward

People with marginalized identities, non-conforming bodies, disabilities and mental health challenges face barriers to healthcare and wellness services due to systemic and institutionalized oppression.

I offer sliding scale, equity-based pricing for my clinical services in Mexico and online coaching services for the Latinx immigrant community in the US. At the moment, all of my sliding scale slots are full.

When you pay my full consulting fee you are helping me support others who cannot afford to, and contributing to equity and social justice. 

Support an individual to get the support they need

If you're able to give financial support for someone who needs to work with me, I've created a Pay-It-Forward fund.  Any amount is appreciated. In the note section, put 'pay it forward' and I'll make sure to allocate the funds. Thank you for your generous support! 


Thank you to Anuradha Kowtha from Manifest by Design and Hilary Kinavey and Dana Sturtevant from Be Nourished for their inspiration in wording the section on equity pricing and Pay-It-Forward.