FoodPsych with Kristy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN: How to Resist Diet Culture & Build Community

In this episode of FoodPsych, I join Christy Harrison to to discuss letting go of perfectionism, the importance of community in body acceptance and overcoming shame, diet culture as a form of trauma, why working toward societal change is just as important as individual recovery, and so much more!

Listen to the podcast here.

We discuss, among other topics:

  • My complex relationship with food as a child

  • Growing up with, and eating around, family members with mental health concerns

  • How being a competitive swimmer while going through puberty affected my relationship with food and with her body

  • The interrelationship between depression and disordered eating

  • Fatphobia and healthism in the medical field

  • How performative health can push people into a disordered relationship with food and body

  • White supremacy and the mythic norm and how our societal ideals are causing harm to non-conforming bodies

  • The role of privilege in intuitive eating and recovery

  • Being more connected to food through eating and cooking with our hands

  • Sensory issues, and how they can affect a person’s eating preferences and relationship with food

  • Attuning to our body’s own needs instead of trying to be “normal”

  • The role of trauma in our relationship with food and diet culture as a form of trauma

  • Why intuitive eating and mindful eating are about more than our relationship with food

  • The importance of community in body acceptance and overcoming shame

  • Connection through embodiment and vulnerability

  • Moving past black-and-white terms in eating disorder recovery

  • Finding community in your recovery journey

  • The difficulty of translating concepts across cultures, and the need for local communities within different cultures

  • How diet culture has co-opted mindful eating

  • Why we need to work toward societal change along with individual recovery

  • My current projects as a medical provider and mindful eating teacher

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Lilia Graue