Translation Services

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For several years I’ve been translating contents from English to Spanish, as there is a dire need for Spanish contents about body liberation, body justice, Health at Every Size®, Body Trust®, fat acceptance, intuitive eating, mindful eating, and related research.

If you are someone who creates English content (books, blogs, handouts, presentations, etc.) and would like to make it available for Spanish speakers, you could benefit from my translating services.

Why am I the right person for the job? Here is a short list of some of my relevant skills:

  • I am privileged to be fully bilingual - Spanish is my native language, but my English is so good you can’t tell.

  • My vocabulary, spelling and grammar are outstanding, and my writing and communication skills are pretty great.

  • I know the relevant nuances and subtleties in language around these topics, with 15+ years of experience in the field of eating disorders and weight and body image concerns, and 10+ years of training and experience in the field of mindfulness and compassion based programs, mindful eating, intuitive eating and weight inclusivity.

  • I have 18 years of translating and medical editing experience (mostly English to Spanish, but also Spanish to English). I’ve done translating work for the Mayo Clinic (patient handouts through a medical editing company); in the fields of medical education, marriage and family therapy and eating disorders; and for the last 5 years specifically in mindful eating, body liberation and weight inclusivity.

Below you will find a sample of my most recent translations.