Work With Me

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Join me for conversations and practices for healing and liberation.

This is the work we do to reclaim our wholeness,

to be Fiercely Embodied,

and live our full, unbridled life.


We will disrupt the patterns of dis-embodiment and performative health that keep you trapped in manufactured roles and reactive habits that disconnect and deprive you. We will actively resist the voices and forces of oppression that have tamed you into compliance so you can flourish and engage fully with life, rooted in the wisdom of your mindbody and your power. We will work to heal the wounds of the trauma you have suffered and its imprint on your body. We will cultivate attuned self-care. Throughout the process, I will be your partner and advocate, guiding you back home to your mindbody again and again, as a source of deep and wise knowing and healing. 

My consulting work focuses on healing and wellbeing through attuned self-care as opposed to performative health. Throughout my 15+ years of practicing medicine and psychotherapy, I've seen the enormous harm caused by a limited and narrow notion of health, and by the lie that the normative ideal of health is a choice. When we make 'health' - most often from a medical definition - the end all and be all, we don't make room for the full life and joy and wellbeing and expansiveness and belonging and worth that can be found in all bodies, wherever they are on the ability spectrum and whatever their specific markers in the metabolic, cardiovascular, pain or function domains.

Many so-called 'experts' are more interested in being right, telling you what to do, or 'fixing' you than in your lived experience and deepest needs and desires. But from my own lived experience, and that of the many people I've had the honor to help in my practice, I know that we can find radical healing and come to wholeness even in the presence of illness, and pain, and loss. And, given that living in a human bodymind inevitably involves facing illness, dis-ease and pain, I find it really nonsensical that our culture is so obsessed with health, to the point where many have been made to believe that it is a moral imperative - I really don't want to contribute to that. Also, I have a serious problem with someone else (including me) telling you what health and wellbeing should be/look like for you.

I will work with you from a place of authenticity and vulnerability, with a deep recognition of our common humanity. I vow to see and witness you and honor your inner fire and strong spirit. 


I know for certain that you are not broken, that you don't need to be fixed.

And I know that we heal in relationship.


I will...

...Hold space for you, offering you radical presence, kindness, and acceptance;

...Listen and witness with genuine curiosity and compassion;

...Provide in an attuned manner the skills, experience and resources that will best help you;

...Help you soften into your body here, now;

...Be your partner in healing;

...Celebrate your fierceness and your voice.

I am here for you. It will be my joy to help you find rootedness, healing and a strong sense of embodiment, and to reclaim a nourishing, accepting, respectful and trusting relationship with your mindbody. Learn more about me and why I'm your person for this.

This website is for my consulting services. If you are interested in a medical or mental health consultation, please visit my clinical website


This is also a soft landing place if you are a health provider

navigating the challenges of advocating bravely for body liberation and embodiment,

countering the forces of performative health,

and honoring boundaries

that allow for your OWN self-care and

replenishing empathy and compassion.


One of my dear teachers, Randi Buckley, has said: "Lilia has a fierce intellect that is only overshadowed by her warmth. A compassion for others and for justice. An ability to see multiple perspectives without losing her truth. Compassion isn't a value as much as it is her very soul. She sees beyond the surface and into what is murky but true."

Here's what a couple of the people I've supported on their path to healing have said:

"Working with Lilia has been a wonderful experience! I always come out of our sessions feeling relaxed, less stressed, and with a general feeling of groundedness and lightness in my body. What I love about her approach is that she never judges, she works from a place of compassion and true empathy. She has a rare combination of solid science, spirituality, and warmheartedness that is deeply healing." Diana

"Lilia helped me reclaim my life. She helped me wholly accept myself and reconnect with the sense of joy and openheartedness I'd lost." Stephanie


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What Is a Fiercely Embodied Human?


"Fierce. Heartfelt and powerful intensity, unrestrained, vehement, intense. From Old French fiers 'fierce, brave, proud'; from Latin ferus 'untamed'."

"Embodiment is not just inhabitation – being aware of the body but being aware as a body – the body as I." Mark Walsh


Becoming fiercely embodied is reclaiming our space and voice unapologetically and honoring our desires, needs and boundaries.

Being fully present and engaged in connection.

Standing rooted in our wholeness, our power, our wisdom and intuition. 

Tending to our pain lovingly, compassionately.

Actively resisting and disrupting oppressive patterns, including performative health.


As a result of oppressive structures and experiences of trauma, most of us have negative experiences of embodiment: disrupted body connection and discomfort, restricted agency and restraint, disrupted connection to desire, disrupted attunement, self-harm and neglect, and inhabiting the body as an objectified site (see Niva Piran for more on the Developmental Theory of Embodiment). This leaves us moving through the motions of performing a self, as opposed to being ourselves; feeling at best uneasy in our bodies, at worst at war with our bodies.  We hustle to fit in while we yearn for true belonging. We feel disempowered, alienated, disconnected. We react to our pain in ways that perpetuate harm, our own and that done onto others.

From the moment we come into being we are taught we must conform, that our bodies must conform. To rigid notions of gender, to a particular skin color or facial features, to an ideal body shape or size, to a certain level of strength and ability. To performative health. To the myth that the ideal of 'health' is an individual choice. To 'acceptable' or 'appropriate' thoughts, feelings, beliefs and ways of relating. We suffer trauma. We are told that we are not enough, that we are too much. We are made to believe that we and our mindbodies are unworthy, unruly, wrong, unacceptable in some way. That we need to relinquish our mindbody autonomy, our fiery spirit, our sensitivity, our boundaries, to fit in or to be deemed worthy. We internalize this and start policing ourselves. We comply. We become strangers to our true self. This disconnects us from our wisdom, our truth, our authenticity, our most basic trust, our wellbeing. We armor ourselves, we make ourselves small, we devote our most vital energy to the improvement project that robs us of our joy and true presence.


We become Fiercely Embodied through reconnecting to ourselves and others,

becoming advocates for justice and liberation,

grounding ourselves in fierce lovingkindness and compassion.

We do this through mind-body and embodiment practices,

through attuned self-care,

healing in relationship and honoring our humanity,

and through cultivation of radical presence.


No matter where you are in your life, if this rings true, then you're already on your path to a fiercely embodied life.


What I Can Help You With

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If this resonates with you, let’s engage in conversation and practice for healing and liberation.

I can help with...

...Food and/or body image issues;

…Healing from diet culture and fat phobia;

...Symptoms of depression or anxiety (even if on the outside you seem OK, your inner experience might not match what others see);

...Chronic pain and/or illness and the challenges of navigating it;

...A history of trauma and its imprint on your bodymind;

...Living in authenticity and fulfillment outside the neuronorm (neurodivergence, giftedness, high sensitivity);

…Creating the scaffolding / planting your garden of life giving and affirming boundaries;

...Experiences of loss and grief that have left you feeling empty, numb and alienated.


I am here to remind you that

you are not broken,

you don't need to be fixed.

All of this is part of being human.

I can see your wholeness in the midst of all of this.

Ways We Can Work Together

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We can work together 1:1, or as part of group programs I offer a couple of times per year.